Life's Story (2): Narc and the Body

When Things Lie Down
As it got quiet, two people started talking, a kid and his body parent. Narc said, “I wonder what they’ll think?” Body said, “The same things they always do.”

The Body
The larger body construct was moving. The Body said, “Look at those Girls…” He snapped a picture of three nude women working where they live. “I’ll add it to my collection, and then I’ll go up.” Narc said, “You should clean up, and you could see the stars in the sky.” The Body said, “I see them my way.” “You would live longer. Every ten days you die,” Narc said. “I’ll think about it,” the Body said.

He toddled up to a blond boy-girl body fairy, and thought, ‘You are old on your woman’s side, and young on your man’s side. You should travel on your woman’s side and you would know me. I’m your son.’ She said–. He bristled. “I travel on man’s side because I know everything. I don’t know you. I’ve got to go,” he-she said, forgetting the happy affair that made this line. Stick was the oldest and Narc was the youngest. “I want to follow,” Narc said. He-she said, “NO. You will be death to all you know, and they will hate you and get rid of you. That will be the end of it.” He-she left. The Body stayed around Narc.

The Real Experience
The Body stayed around Narc. He could assess things right, but he always thought he should destroy wrong things, rather than change them. “They should go. But wait, that’s not right. I’ve got to go. I’ll get it right next…” He passed out. Jim walked away. ‘I’ve got twenty from her, and they are a lot of work,’ he thought.

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