Life's Story (1): What Was, Is and Will Be

Passing the Stone
The first passed the stone to be held and passed by the next, in order to learn individuating from the wall. There were 4 individuals learning, and 2 parts of the wall were attentive. The upper wall wanted to convert to individuals; the base wall needed to keep the stability. A couple weeks later, leg training to walk was set up. The 4 individuals then were independent and human. The upper wall was half human, and the lower wall could bounce.

What Do We Want
Three individuals were assembled. The lead asked them, “What do you want?,” as it looked skyward. They shrugged. The lead said, “I want what is for the best;” the universe grew some. “I want life eternal;” the universe grew pearl-like; the lead was strangely pulled out to the sky from the mid-self.

Assigning Nature
Two individuals and a bottom wall were assembled to pick their nature. The Lead picked to be Decent, which meant strong legs. The bottom wall section picked to have and be Good – to have a big jaw and butt. The second individual picked to be nice, but that curled in on itself, so it picked to have and be Better, which meant that the sky would pay attention to the options.

Creating Evil
The Lead said, “I wonder if we need something other than us, and what we have.” One of the sky said, “I could be that. I could be the devil forever. I have a prototype.” Later it said, “I could wreck all things, it would work forever.” And it started to look-up and ruin what it could. Much later, it decided to be Life and Death. The sky fell; the ceiling was sealed; everything gave some.

“We want the sky back,” everyone told the new devil. The sky mechanically opened, and everyone could breath. Pathways were made by the wall people, to walk on at floor level.

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