Life's Story (0+): How We Started

Get me Out / I want to Be / Something Else
He started scurrying; his mind friend thought, ‘I want to be’; his miser (magical self) wanted to take the rest. And so it was divided 1/3, 1/3 and 1/3 as it would be. A pebble fell (a gate closed and reopened); and he realized he was now a red-brown, raven haired man that was face and self. He thought, ‘I am cute.’ A tired voice from behind said, “I am done.” The mind said, “I’ll wait. The miser looked to see what he could take and he was slammed down dead.

Lessons Learned
1) The man (Individual and Lower Self) said, ” I Rule every__” “No. The Thing is First, the Person is Second,” the mind (Mind and Upper Self) said. “The Universe is larger than the individual, there(fore).” “That is that,” the man said.

2) Later he said, “But I want what I want. I should get it. I am older and I should get what I want.” The mind said, “some, you should get some.”

3) In the background the miser would wake up to attack the group’s creator in self-defense and self-offense. He knew he was the offending party — more than half. Otherwise, he thought he was supposed to get what he wanted. When he attacked, he always died. So he only lived 15 minutes at a time, twice a day for a million years.

There is More / The Chaos
New Life Diverse Life was left by the Creator as a pipeline on the floor nearby. The miser, (called Jim by the LifeLine, for throwing a chip in its line, that split its face in half) took the pipeline and learned how to direct and create with it. The lower half of the pipeline was still in allegiance with the Creator and wanted to leave. The upper quarter of the pipeline still ran life for the miser because he was the last built. The second quarter had created the man. The miser turned it into a child like himself, and they called the destruction of life into the future.

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