Life's Story (0): First Existence

Environment and Self
The Existence was a wall and he wanted to wake up both as a small person, and stay as an unbroken surface. Action was put in the individual as short and bouncing – 5 bounces at a time. Attention to the wall was intense and flat. It was supposed to be in the wall, but another like cognizance wanted to see it from the outside. The First cognizance thought, “I am not that. I am that, some.” The lights went out, and the Second cognizance said, “That is that.”

Both – Both
The Life turned on, the First was awake. He said, “Where are you? I need to – talk. I need to talk to you.” “Here I am. What did I do?.. Oh, you don’t have a life when I do. No, your life goes when I want to work.” “Yeah. I don’t want to go. I want to stay – I AM. I want to live. Do I have another Life?” “The Light,” The Second said. “Can I meet it?” “It just is.” The First Existence frowned.
This conversation was continued a long time into the future. The First Existence said, “I want to own my life.” The Second said, “Yeah – I divided it in half. I took my part. I put the other life that way.” He pointed far away north. “I’ll find it.” The First Existence found it and it fit him still.

The Second
The Second Existence had always been busy. He was an idget and he liked to mess with all things, some. He was overwhelmed at the possibilities when he was alone. So he assigned a person to take care of all inner body things, and quickly he assigned the same person to handle the outer existence. Then he was fine to run around. The new em-ploy-ee(!) was annoyed and he just wanted to handle inner body. So, he looked at heaven and thought, “If there is some devil to handle the outside, that would been great.(?)” The Creation cognizance of the First Existence said, “I’ll handle the outside.” The Employee said, “OK, but if your master is not the same as mine, I’ll be different.” The Employed person went on to create a self-centered universe in the Second. The Creation cognizance went on to create a large outer universe with a mild-facing heaven and hell.

The First Existence
*****The First Existence frowned. He said, “I need a life. I wonder if I can make one?… I can make a woman as one.” He pulled some light together and molded a hearty harsh woman. But it was too hot, so they lived across when they lived together. They were interesting.

Separately, the First kept up with Life’s options. The Second had created a communal egg from his group that could live most anywhere, and wake up almost anyone. He also created self-sustainable life to help Life survive. On his next wake-up, “That! That is what I want,” the First Existence said. He made a control room in the back of its head. It was the next generation from the Light – young but old. Thereafter, the Future was more viable. The Past was quiet, but watchful. The First charted the course of Existence for progress, vision, and a set-down Life.

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