Alliterature Shorts (3): Geneology

Definition of Alliteration: Repetition of consonant sounds in two or more neighboring words or syllables. [Ref: (Concise Encyclopedia)]

I thought I was a Genius, but maybe that was Hedonistic.

I researched my Geneology because I wanted to know my Heredity.

I looked up my Genetics to find my inHeritance.

I found that I was Generally Healthy.

I thought there was a Generic formula for computing Genes, but it was Hype and Hearsay.

*** *** ***

Generally I Hope:
Gods are in Heaven
Geriatric Gents are in Homes and Hospices
Germs are in Hosts
Gerbils are in Habitrails
Generals are in legal Hearings

From Genome to Geriatric God, you have to work for a Happy Home in Heaven.
A jealous, stealing God has no Heaven.
An insane Gentle person has no Home.
Gerbils in incessant Heat have no rest.
Genocide and Hate should not be allowed to conduct themselves.

A Great day has no Hell.
Ideal Gods in action = Transcendent Holiness lived.
Thoughtful Gifts = Honest results.
Gracious intent = Sincere Happiness.
Glory, Hallelujah!

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