Logic and Organization: When

You Want It When?
You probably want what you want now or soon. How can you dictate that? Do you have the leverage or authority to get what you want now or soon? Do you know who to ask? Can you get to who is responsible to demand or ask? If YOU are responsible for things, you can agree, and create what you want to create. If someone else if responsible, then you have to demand or ask in a fashion that fits the situation. Example 1: If you need to get cross-country, and you lent your kid the more reliable car, you will tell the kid that you need the car for these dates. He/she will say Okay. Example 2: If you want to go on vacation in 2 weeks, but you work at a stressful job, you will ask your boss for time off in your most friendly humble manner.

Getting What You Want?
First ask or tell the right people what you want. Find out the conditions, then get those conditions to work right. Second, ask for help if you need it. Accept a yes or no answer gracefully. Don’t covet things before you have them, because you need to be real about your resources and about boundaries. This is mine. That is yours. Be cognizant about it. Yearning for more is a skill, but learning to accept and live with what you have, or less, is also a skill that will benefit. The people you ask will appreciate if you know your place, and stay polite.

Control vs. Patience
There are many times you want to control the situation for a result that will benefit everyone. These situations are dynamic. Other times you want to wait and see what natural timing has in store. Time can heal all wounds. Many do not understand the magic of physical, they just understand magic. Natural physical timing teaches people to be patient, to grow right, to be ready for anything, and to build stamina. Many things can wait. Some things won’t stay relevant. Other things need to happen now. Only time, or lack of time, will tell.

There are systems to get what you want now. Commerce is such a system. You pay your money; you get your product; they sell their product to get your money. It is fair and great for everyone. Communication, such as telephone, email and the Web, connects people who want to talk, write and network, almost instantly.

When? Now. When? Tomorrow. When? Always.

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