Logic and Organization: How

Evolution of Know-How
How is what you got, and second it is the method you use to get somewhere. The first How leads to However, and the result is a chaotic Whatever. The problem is, that the first How is not controllable, and it can be a way that others control back. So people refine their How to something they can define, control, create, and re-create. It means progress. With experience it adds up to know-how. How now represents the first how. How will I do it represents the added will power to control the result. Control of the result can be the power to control the process, or it can be defining a result and creating to the result.

To Know Outer and Inner
Knowing outer is a combination of senses and an outer object or resource, while knowing inner is who and what is known when the chaos settles or is in motion within. Divine knowing is an outer or inner tie to that which is defined and integritied to be Divine. This means checked and cross-checked. In the end only the Divine can check the Divine – meaning it takes one to know one. To Know is wisdom itself. People collect libraries of it, and provide others with information. Knowing has no value unless it can be sensed, cross-checked or tested by others. It has to connect to an objective field of knowing outer, or a subjective field of knowing inner.

How and know, know and how are for a purpose which is evolution? What is evolution? A better way than before. Balance denotes a construct which is a better way for all things so that all live with the responsibility, deficit and advantages of living. Each Being plays, pays and posts their own wholistic results. Those beings who promote a leisure lifestyle will benefit, and not benefit, from leisure and its positive, and negative, effects. Those who work will benefit, and not benefit, from the effects of work. Finally those who are wholistic, and integrate the best of characteristics to adapt with the times, will have the most Life benefit, and the least Life liability. The goal is to evolve, get, and promote most of Life’s benefits and limit, or grow out of, Life’s liabilities.

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