Logic and Organization: Where

Where Are We Going?
We are here at being, and in order to get anywhere, we have to build down to feet for our navigation. We have to work on unconditional love, conditions for love, a place to be, strength, sociability, mobility, heartiness, leadership ties, agility, and footprint to find our way. The Focus is forward, courageous, and paying attention to the open-ended road ahead. Get your focus or preoccupation out of the past, out of vendettas, resolve conflicts so that you don’t have drag. Be Strong. Be Autonomous. Be Mobile.

Our destination is either predetermined (and we need to know that), or decided by us. We can decide where to go. Then it is a matter of what is our drive to get there. Drive has three meanings: 1) our power and motivation to get somewhere; 2) the vehicle we use to get there; 3) the trip experience. All three drives will get us to our destination, if we are realistic on how much time and distance we can cover, and we have the means to cover it.

The Drive
To work on a strong drive, which is in your arms to hands, you want to build stamina, muscle and dexterity. Arm-building requires sincerity, focus, instincts, truth, love, boundaries, breathing space, and overall coordination. Do Care. Do Not Turn Away. Do the Work.

The Way To Where
Start new endeavors clean, so that you can gage them clean. Example: For an interview you wear a clean suit because you want to be considered for a new job. You are polite, upstanding and attentive for comment. You are ready for something new, they are looking for something new. Clean up your inner space for clarity, and your lines or ties for action. Make sure your attitude and stamina match what you want to get to. Where am I? Where is the Place? Where do I get to Go?

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