Logic and Organization: Import

Who Is Important?
Who is important starts with the past before us. Who started this journey of life, and how did they start it? What did they value, and how did they determine what would be next? Did they want to be alone? Did they want love? Did they want children? Who did they partner with? Why? And how? Did they survive? Did they have kids? What is their legacy?

What Is Important?
In Life continuity is important. Each individual, group, generation works to gain precedence. Survival may be coordinating with your family clan, or being unique enough that your skills aren’t found, or coordinating between life and death to get better lives. Quality of Life is important. It is generally a balance of controlling your situation and being adaptable to life changes. That there is a higher purpose is very important, and/or that the person we follow is decent, humane, and meant to lead.

Past / Present / Future
It is important to know, that if we are alive, we are trying to evolve as a civilization. What we did in the past creates today, and what we do today affects the future and its options. If we try to wreck future options we will live in the past until we get it right. If we can’t get out of devolving, we will eventually lose purpose and die. This is why we keep the network of civilization, and keep it varied. When one end of the network loses purpose, another end will find different reasons to survive. We all offset the whole effect, and people cycle back into life when they are ready.

Patterns and Self-Determinism
The conscious awareness of a society tells its values and progression. Its patterns tell the level of self-determinism and/or unawareness. Very entrenched patterns denote control from one powerful individual. It takes a healthy dose of self-determinism, or creative options to change a controlling pattern dynamic.

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