Logic and Organization: Connection

What is Connection?
Connect means to collaborate or experience with. Connection means relationship or pathway. The nature of connection is the way the two sides meet, and the extent to which there is friction or alliance. If both sides of the connection are proactive, there is great productivity, like a work environment. If both sides are passive, but participate, there is calm as in a happy married couple. Connection means being in sync with others. Being in sync with others means that you relate in a comparable reality.

Inner Connections
We have to make connections within ourselves to get the body to work. We have to connect our thoughts emotions, appetites and agendas to get a collaborative agreement or disagreement. We have to connect our motivation with our judgment and our libido with our love, so that the results are great and in sync with themselves. We want to connect with a subjective power greater than us like our spouse or parents to mutually sustain. We want to connect to an objective power greater than ourselves, like truth or the ideal to keep objectivity, and be sustained that way. We want to connect and control the things that we are frustrated by, so that we are dynamic and co-creating the reality we want to experience.

Outer Connections
Outer we have to connect with others in such a way that there is a push-pull we can live with. We need friends. We need adversity, some. We need family. We need competition. We need daylight and sunshine. We need rainy and snowy days that keep us inside. We need homes. We need meaning in our lives. We need to both take ourselves seriously, and not take ourselves seriously. We need sincerity, and we need humor.

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