Logic and Organization: Put

Where do I put the things in me?

IT things that are Holy or Sacred are kept on an altar or shelf of high regard. If you demean them, you will lose Holiness and Sacredness from the things you value. IT things that you find or meet along the way are kept, bought or left as they were for preservation. Stealing or taking things that aren’t approved, or yours, results in not having things in life. Generally the Objective stays on the outside, and the Subjective stays on the inside. Being condescending of Objective things equates to losing touch with objective reality. Being unaccepting of subjective things equates to losing personal quality and perspective.

I the subjective stays on top most of the time to direct, decipher and dictate all things. I is the life presence in the person. I AM denotes command of your life. I rule, I want, I think, I know, I care, I create, I navigate denotes the dynamics of the high self. Keep the I in Balance: strong but decent, powerful but caring. I the objective checks outside to see if the answer inside is relevant outside. Then the I revises based on checking social reaction.

Me is the ID, or ‘what I want kid self’ that claims responsibility for appetites, butt and legs. It wants adventure without responsibility outer. So you have to plan for both adventure AND responsibility.

Myself is the creation parts and upward aspect, where we learn what creates what, connection, rhythm of being, learning and control. Myself processes options in conjunction with the I to put things into motion.

I, Myself and Me with a transcendent IT, like truth, can plan, know and enact anything with Divine Wisdom.

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