Logic and Organization: Get

Where Do I Put the Things I Get?
I get information, which I organize and store to retrieve and put back, and organize and store. I get inferences and information, that tell the way things are and work, which I store carefully for my own assessment and rebuttal. I get attention for the great and negative things I do, which I am happy about and humbled by. I get correspondence for my involvements, and from my family, which I respond to with thoughtful care and affection. I get notices of my bills and financial resources, which I keep up with, and plan for better future investments. I get notices of concern about time, health, friend and family contact, so that I keep up with my obligations and acquaintances. I have and get information about Right and Wrong, and I try to go Right.

Where Can Things Go?
Most things need to be translated into awareness and unawareness, which gets you from front to back to front again. Consciousness and unconsciousness denotes the awareness and unawareness in the body, which is not enough. It is a closed construct, which needs to be opened up from both ends. Awareness and unawareness work differently on different chakra levels, and correspond to the nature of the chakra. Example: the throat, or teal chakra level, will run from what you want, to conversation, to appetites, to appreciation of beauty, to joy for living, to ‘right to life’ transcendence. Corresponding awareness and unawareness will reflect those topics and interests.

Storing the things you get inside and outside can be a benefit. For instance, create a dark navy brick to put inside your head, and put one outside your head (up to a foot away). Put your awareness in both places. Practice putting thoughts or information in them and making it non-accessible. It is only accessible to your request as the real you. Then close them to do something else. If you get really interested in this kind of storage, you will want to sort information by category, to store in quantity. Make sure it will be practical far into the future. A secondary benefit to using an inside/ outside brick system is that you can recover you quickly from injury or memory loss by accessing either brick, or the color that you use.

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