Light and Darkness: Evil and Perfection

This series addresses what is valuable in the Light and Darkness.

Perfection has a place in order, ideals, Heaven, direction and details. Perfection is a justifiable, self-righteous, almost impossible, something to aim for, something to achieve, and something to celebrate. It means everything went right and nothing went wrong. Perfection is great, but it doesn’t belong everywhere.

Perfection does not belong where evil is. Evil and perfection are wrong partners either way. Evil is a concept: everything that can go right can go wrong, even to the depths of God and Life itself. It is true, everything can be engineered to go wrong. But ultimately Life itself and God itself have to go right because that is what they are for. Life is meant to Live and God is mean to Rule or Preside. Evil with perfection lives has proactive death, and active decending de-evolution. Then it is broken by Life that lives and God which Rules or Presides.

Evil has a place to teach the value of Life and God itself. It helps people set limits of tolerance and behavior so that it never has to be revisited. They are grateful to get out, and so they will never re-create the situation again. Evil means you give up your God and/or your Life. So people learn if they want to retain their autonomous Godself and their plentiful Life, they have to stay away from the power and attraction of evil. Or, they forfeit their power to someone else. Their Life is reincarnated by someone else, and their God is someone else’s rules.

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