Light and Darkness: On and Not On

This series addresses what is valuable in the Light and Darkness.

In a Room
A room with the light on is great for reading, organizing and cleaning. It promotes activities with a sighted focus. A room with the light on signifies productivity to make use of the electricity it takes to light it.

A room with the light off is great for romance, resting, thinking about what is going on, going to the movies, and tripping over objects if you are not paying attention. The atmosphere is more relaxed, but more tentative because nothing is defined. It is a time to pay attention to the inner and outer noise and quiet.

When it is light outside, it is a great time to run errands, exercise, and see the local sights. This is a time of productivity for work, play and households. The natural light keeps people’s moods up, building their morale and bodily health. People are happier, so they breath more.

When it is dark outside, it is mystical. The stars are in the sky. The moon casts light and shadows. It is a time of the unknown, and adventure. Night can be ominous, and so it is also a time to listen and pay attention. The natural darkness is both relaxing and concerning.

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