Light and Darkness: Infinite Direction

This series addresses what is valuable in the Light and Darkness.

We all need Light and Darkness.  When and where is the point that they are healthy for us?  Healthy light and darkness is Balance.  The light is too intense where death and evil meet, and too weak near death.  The darkness is too intense where death and evil meet, and too weak near Heaven.  Individual balance in the light might be: high white light work, exercise, and time to think or meditate.  Individual balance in the darkness might be: time to act out, time to fight as personal exercise, and time to escape.

Imbalance and Infinites
Balance is where the diverse infinite directions meet to make a judgment of ‘this works’ – ‘this doesn’t.’  It looks like a finite end, but it is just a point of power.  The infinite directions that cause it need to be known for their nature.  ^ Infinite up to intense white light past Heaven is the realm of absolutes.  Truth, perfection and the ideal God are here.  < Infinite backward is known as devolve.  Perhaps you make the same wrong decision forever and never correct it.  That part of you is stuck in that point of time behind yourself, while the rest of you advanced.  Some people live to accomplish backwards and it takes a society of forward people to turn them around.  v Infinite down is the realm where evil meets death.  The focus is how to destroy.  Sometimes that means everything dies, and sometimes it means those things get back to life either fragmented or renewed.  There is a lot of focus and attention spent on laws, ethics and morality to keep people from operating here.  > Infinite forward is life lived at the speed chosen by both the individual and its environment.  It is the ideal of most life to live forever, healthily and happily.

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