Light and Darkness: Grayscale

This series addresses what is valuable in the Light and Darkness.

Black & White
White is Life quality if it is intense light, such as a bright band or an infinite expanse.  White light includes all other colors and functions as different ranges of awake.  Flat white functions as a backdrop in the objective physical, and as young mind in the human light configuration.  Black functions as death when it is used as a full backdrop and/or as infinite evil.  Flat black represents definitive limits and healthy boundaries.  This is the effect these qualities have on physiology.

The grayscale represents the psychology from Black to White or vice versa.  It is the travel from death to life and back again.  Charcoal gray is where detached life regains its quality.  The other steps of gray add capability and breadth in circulation, thought, creation, emotions, faith, and right to life.  Middle gray is where you need to negotiate.  Getting comfortable with the grayscale means you can live anywhere.

Adding Brown
Brown is a combination of a few or all colors to get a rich and washed out blend.  There are various browns.  Gold browns have yellow.  Rich dark browns have red.  Black browns have blue.  Brown inside a person means chakra confusion, stuckness, or digestion of food from other resources.  Brown as a color viewed outside can represent anti-devolve or getting back to the true colors.   Brown with white, gray or black enforces anti-devolve in psyche, mind, body, soul and awareness on all sides.


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