What Is Religion For? Refuge

This series talks about the importance of religion in our lives and society.  Refuge is a really loaded word.  And to say that religion or churches provide the majority of refuge would be blasphemous.  But churches have a place to go think and confess what we have done.  There are many variations of this:

+ Churches are a place to find a better power if you have fallen out.  They are embracing, consistent, but intense houses of God.  You can go there to sit, and think in the intense quiet, or visit with a friendly community.
+ Confession in the Roman Catholic church enables people to own up to what they have done, and compensate for the damage.  Hence there is both refuge and reality.
+ Churches have long been involved in charity work. Many churches donate clothes and toys for holidays.  Other churches provide food and shelter.
+ In times of evil and confusion, churches have been places to go pray to find transcendence and humility.  A broader and deeper perspective is found.
+ The Bible is left in many hotel rooms as a quiet way to spend time reading, and gain solace.
+ In times of war, churches have intervened to maintain sanity abroad with the soldiers, and at home with their families.

Separately, there are many practices for individuals to regain equilibrium: sit & be quiet, walk a labyrinth, sing an inspirational phrase or mantra, breath in the white light of wholeness, exercise, attend something inspirational, donate time to a worthy cause, clean out physically and mentally.  Refuge for or from a conflict turns into dealing with reality and consequences.  Equilibrium means proportion is restored in the individual, and in the larger environment.  There is contentment, even if the result is difficult.

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