What Is Religion For? Purification

This series talks about the importance of religion in our lives and society.  There are many instances of purification in religion.  It entails cleaning out the old, the evil and getting unstuck to move forward, be jubilant, be clean, and live life vibrantly.

In the Roman Catholic religion there are seven sacraments to signify the rites of passage of growing up in the religion.  They signify initiation:
1) Babies and converts are Baptized to clear away original sin.
2) Second-graders learn to receive Communion, the ritual of eating the bread-body, and wine-blood of Jesus for healing and humility.
3) Fourth-graders learn to go to Confession to tell what they have done wrong to a priest, and do compensatory penance.
4) Sixth-graders get Confirmed to make their commitment to abide by Catholic rules.
5) A couple will say their Marriage vows in church for sacred import, and to celebrate with their families.
6) Ordination is the commitment a priest takes to marry God and counsel his community.
7) Last Rites is conducted for people getting ready to die, so that they will be at peace.
(Reference: AmericanCatholic.org)

There are numerous things individuals do to purify their minds, bodies, souls and psyches:
1) By sending prayer requests, individuals set aside their ego to get an answer.  They leave space to get, or learn, something they didn’t know.
2) Other individuals ride the wave of inspiration and share their jubilance by pitching in or helping others.  Their happiness inspires others to be happy and promote happiness.
3) Some individuals practice growing stronger in faith by looking for opportunities to be taught by GOD, and other teachers.  They grow faith strength by navigating the complexity wholistically.
4) White light work (Divine Judgment, Divine Wisdom Divine Caretaking, Divine Precedence, etc.) cleans out the toxins of darkness and evil, so that individuals resolve their conflicts constructively.
5) Many individuals agree to receive healing and clarity to remove blocks.
6) They also build discipline by making commitments to be decent, moral and ethical.
7) Others make sure that they only fall in love with those whose love is true.
8) Many make sure they grow and reference the God self in them, so that they are always awake and wise.


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