What Is Religion For? Our Story

This series talks about the importance of religion in our lives and society.  Religion through text tells the story of our history and journey.  Jesus’ story tells about keeping the path of being natural to transcendent with love and decency.  Moses’ story tells about a holy man communicating to the masses, and the people communicating back to a distant old man.

We don’t have a known story of existence documented, whereby we can say the first being was like this and we resemble him/her.  But, we believe we can figure it out.  If we exist, we must be able to figure out how we started.  The story of our origin must be in our code, our actions, and we will know it when we find it.  Many stories of the beginning, and our process, have been put together to ask the question and get an answer.  Science suggests the Big Bang theory of everything exploded into being.  The Bible tells that God created the universe in 6 days and then rested the 7th (Genesis 1-2:3).  The Kabbalah suggests that everything has always been.  Math tells that there is always a calculatable order that can be quantified.  Philosophy says that everything makes sense until it doesn’t.  Creation tells that we have been in procreation forever.  Kinetic, (all things in motion) tells when particles were part of the Infinite, and when they were part of physical things.  Heaven and Hell tell us that there has been a war forever for control of our beings and actions.

We pick the story or stories that give our life meaning, depth and variety.  Based on the stories we choose we may: 1) live richly and choose a cataclysmic end; 2) Live carefully for an infinitely long time;  3) Live awake and aware; 4) Live with others in collaboration.  The options are potentially endless.  We pick our stories and make our decisions.  Then the leader’s that control all things show up to change our decisions, and take away what is ours.  And we have to say, “Should you have that control?”  They say, “It has always been,”  which doesn’t make sense.  Nothing has always been.  But the control they have is epic. Theirs is the story of power.  The powerful tell half of the story.  The other half of the story is told by those who were controlled or victimized.

Many of us want to tell the story of civilization, because the powerful learned to be more decent, and the victimized learned to be stronger.  It sets up a schema of equality and stability for the environment and all individuals.  Perhaps, that is the reason we can’t find the original story of existence.  No one wants to go back.  They want to proceed in the present and evolve to the future.

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