What Is Religion For? God Connection

This series talks about the importance of religion in our lives and society.  Religion at its most effective helps individuals establish a God connection.  Each church religion has its own personality of God-connection:

– Catholicism has ritual sharing and detached fellowship.
– Lutheranism has practicality and embrace.
– Buddhism has open your heart and mind.
– Unity has inspiration and new thought.
– Baptist has commitment to God.
– Unitarianism has metaphysics and individualism.

Each religion provides its own God-connection pathway and can facilitate and/or inspire individual God-connection pathways.  Individual God-connection pathways are like Divine inspiration, prayer request, meditation, study, guidance, miracle work and person-as-conduit.  These pathways are very specific and personal.  They provide the individual rejuvenation, living peace, answers, Faith, Divine reward and beauty.

People can seek out their own God-connection pathways.  Much literature is dedicated to new and old enlightened ways of thinking.  There are also many objects that create ambience and inspiration, such as candles, artwork, incense, and furnishings.  Their God-connection pathways may be direct or indirect depending on the intentions with which they were designed.

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