What Is Religion For? Meditation

This series is about the importance of religion in our lives and society.  Religion sponsors quiet time.  There is quiet time for: awe and communion with GOD, for meditation, to stop and reset the senses, and to get the right or Divine answer.

Happiness can be an elusive quality, or it can be a quality you invite in, or pro-advocate as.  You may either be it to have it, or have it to be it.  Either way, it is happiness – enjoy.  Awe is the next step of happiness – enthusiasm for the great.  Awe acknowledges there is a great divide between who I am as a person and Divinity.  The divide is both a river worth crossing, and a major intrepidation.  People who we naturally call Masters (of themselves and their talents) have bridged the divide.  Awe has both the benefit of humility, and the admiration of power for the right reasons.

Many times we reach awe in ourselves and for GOD by making a transcendent GOD connection.  We reach the high road by aiming for the high road.  Sometimes we reach it by accident.  But mostly we wanted to find a strong connection to GOD, we affirmed it, we took the time to act and receive, and now we have that GOD or awe experience.  We can renew it at any time the same way.

Meditation or quiet time allows us time to clean our senses.  Here are some examples.  One person argued with a parent, and is still preoccupied.  Another went to a rock concert and his/her ears are still ringing.  Another person is confused about an important situation.  The time to sit and be quiet is time to stop the chatter inside, as well as the chatter from outside.  Many times a part of the body or mind just needed to rest or process, but couldn’t.  Generally, all parts of you need to be active and rest alternately.  Asking yourself, or the person you are angry with, questions fixes the argument.  Listening to quiet cleans out sound.  Eating simply cleans out the digestive track.  Watching the lake relaxes the mind.

Sometimes meditation is used to find answers within the self that will remedy situations.  Time is set aside to be quiet, walk, or retreat to nature.  Then a clear answer is found to the situation in question.   This talent is invaluable.  A small meditation can save a business deal, the person’s public image, and friendships, among other things.


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  • Love this!! Totally going through Richard Foster's "Celebration of Disciplines" chapter on meditation with my Bible study right now, and am trying hard to make time to stop and pray/listen to what God's trying to say to me on a daily basis. It's crazy how hard it is to settle down for even 20 minutes!! Thanks for sharing :)

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    I agree, and support folks like David Lynch (who wants TM in schools), and have recently found some interesting facts about the accumulative effects of meditation on the brain, in some cases certain areas of the brain increased by 15% volume - http://ravicher.me/2013/07/09/the-paradigms-of-revolution-pt-2-1-of-the-scientific-scientific-morality-2/

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