What Is Religion For? Meaning

This series talks about the importance of religion in our lives and society.  Religion is the observance of a Higher Power.  At its best, religion is an anchor for connection to Divine Truth.  At its worst, religion is misguided hedonistic power.

Religion builds up the capacity to know what is real.  When you walk into a church, you know you are invited, and set aside.  You learn what to trust, and what not to trust.  There are many levels of meaning: what we stand for; how we act; how we treat you and others; the larger sacred meaning brought in; and what you bring to it.

Religion studies Life’s discrepancies.  AA or Alcoholics Anonymous was created to help people out of addiction behavior by way of faith.  Born-Again Christians are to reaffirm their faith in God without the devil.  Different religious belief systems are created to cater to the wants and needs of different populations.  Some religions ultimately believe in the same thing, to create comfort and solidarity.  Other religions cater to narrower interests.

Religious practice searches for Meaning via ministerial talks, song, affirmation, prayer to God, and religious texts.  A minister’s talk, or sermon, generally correlates religious text with what it is like to live today.  Those listening may be inspired, or may have something to think about or discuss.  Songs affirm the love and happiness we want to share.  The more a group can sing in harmony, that is the harmony with which they can communicate and interact with each other.  Affirmations allow people to affirm their truth, and to see what they can’t say in truth.  Prayer’s purpose is to search for a communication channel within the self or with the Divine, that yields peace or miracles.  Religious texts, such as the Bible or Koran, tell historic reference stories and parables to teach what is important.  In essence, meaning is the cornerstone of all aspects of religion.


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  • Religion builds up the Divine truth and learns to treat and trust to each other with manipulation

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