Advice for Kids of All Ages (8): CARE... AND DON'T

Having a complex society requires people who care, and people who set necessary boundaries.  In order for a large number of people to live close safely, people have to care enough about themselves to not fight.  They also have to care enough about others to help those who forget, need help, or lose their way.  Care for self needs to be consistent, almost systematic.  Care for others needs to be set for when it makes sense, and withheld when it is contrived or misused.  Some people build lives based on making others care for them, and need to just care for themselves.  Some people, who care, build lives and institutions based on the dependency of others.

Follow the wave of progress.  Hold onto and rebuild the network of success from the past, to the present, forward to the future.  Make all your decisions for success, and success will be a reality.  If you make your decisions based on failure, duality or misaligned allegiances, you will always experience greater misalignment.  Infinity was meant to grow up and bigger, like a fountain.  Infinity is not meant to grow like a chasm of darkness in your light.  Care to affect the changes needed to fix it.  If you seek to fix it, you will eventually know how.  The path of the sage is based on conquering the darkness inner and outer.  The sage’s life then unfolds with personal and outer fulfillment.

If the goal to fix the darkness is never taken, Life always rests between life and death, un-reconciled.  Life does not live by death rules.  Death is a part of life, but not its equal.  Life will always renew.  Death will subsume back to Life, as it should.  Care about living, not dying.

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