Advice for Kids of All Ages (6): MAKE A PLACE

Even before you know who you are, you are somewhere.  That somewhere could be friendly and inviting, menacing and foreboding, undaunting but possible, or a choice of all the preceding.  This is the path of unconscious, the hereditary inheritance from your family and their choices.  Choose your own path, and be informed by the other paths.  Make your own place, and make a place for others you care about.  Allow a place for others to exist, even if you don’t like or understand them.  Eventually you will.

If you only make a place for yourself, that is all that you will have.  All ties will lead to things of your invention.  This can be great on occasion, but the isolation from others is extensive.  Keep your reality tied to the greater reality.  If you are ahead of your time, you will be bored.  If you are behind your time, then you will need to catch up to society.  Either way, your place is nested in the greater place.

If you don’t allow yourself a place, you will assess things without allowing time for your own experience.  Your judgment will be angry and accute, but your logic, expansiveness, and generosity will be amputated waiting to grow.  Take the time to just BE.

The place you make for yourself has to contend with the general belief of what everyone is due.  The place you make for others has to contend with what others want for themselves. Place is both a dynamic concept and a set thing.

Some of the best designed PLACES are:
Inner:  Womb, Solar Plexis, Heart, Crown, Mind
Outer:  Houses, Schools, Theaters, Parks
· Democracy, Socialism, Kingdoms
· Cars, Trains, Planes
· Chairs, Couches, Beds


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