Advice for Kids of All Ages (4): TALK & LISTEN

Many kids learn to talk without listening, or quietly learn without talking.  You need both.  Learn both ways.  Learn to talk, listen and learn.  Also, listen, learn and talk.  Be both naturally expressive and decidedly aggressive.

1. Talk about yourself
2. Talk about what is happening
3. Talk to connect what others know to what you know
4. Talk to accept others, and to belong
5. Talk to express and ask for love
6. Talk to get from here to there
7. Talk to be mature and well-versed
8. Talk to find and know the truth
9. Talk to follow, and talk to lead
10. Talk to negotiate all things

1. Listen to learn what is going on
2. Listen to find out the rhythm of life
3. Listen to the air and ocean to relax and be invigorated
4. Listen to what people say to find out new trends
5. Listen to yourself  to know your truth
6. Listen to the past to find out what did and didn’t work
7. Listen to the Infinite for possibility
8. Listen to nature to know how to blend in and grow
9. Listen to the unnatural to know what to be ready for
10. Listen, and then tune out to rejuvenate yourself

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