Advice for Kids of All Ages (3): LEARN RESPONSIBILITY

It starts with this is me, and that is mine.  Responsibility for all parts of self means that you will have a multi-faceted self.  Responsibility for accomplishments means that you will know success and be successful.  Responsibility for possessions means that you will forge legal agreements of protection for yourself and others.  Responsibility means the power to define your being, and the future.  Accept responsibility – it means personal and social power.

While growing up learn who, and what, is responsible for everything – it means you will have a trail to follow.  And you will have a great sense of what creates what in your universe.  Try to know all that is of import in the smallest and largest universes, and for yourself.  Learn to fix where they conflict, because that is the answer to the progress of all things.

Learn and take proactive responsibility.  If you can fix something that is broken, and it helps others positively, take the responsibility to do it.  You will feel, and be, empowered as a leader.  Positive expertise creates its own authority and autonomy.  Lead effectively and others will follow to find their own talents and leadership.  As a consequence you will have a rich peer community.


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