One In The Beginning, Part 14

Proven and GetBett were in a clearing, fussing around as usual.  Proven saw Experiat and the head.  He wore a look of embarrassment, as if he had finally figured out the size and breadth of his sponsors.  The king in him was from the Creator.  His cowardly soul was from the Witch.  “How are you feeling?” Proven asked.  “We are fine.  It is nice having two.  Some day I’ll think about making a partner…   I’ve admonished you both before.  Why do you make deals with evil?  Everything you both create is either in danger or mutantly violent.  Real life is not meant to be this way.  If you don’t know, Life itself decided not to fund the Witch,” said Experiat.  “Let me explain, we are from two viable creators,” said Proven.  Surprisingly, it was the Witch who entered and answered, “Is this what you think? I am not of the Light.  I am of the darkness.”  Experiat replied, “Are you from the Light of Life?   Is it true that you chose to be of the darkness?  Is that your real nature?”  “Wait…” said the Witch.  “Did you decide to be of the darkness or are you born from it?” asked Experiat.  “I thought I could be opposite to the Creator and cause some problems.  It would be easy, and I would win the universe… some day.  I am from Life, ow, but not much now,” said the Witch.  “I want to confirm with the larger Life that things get shut down that destroy the broader life’s future opportunities,” said the Creator.  There was a large assent, and a small roll of thunder at the ground level.  The Witch stumbled.

Experiat turned its attention to GetBett and Proven.  “I told him to tell you about her,” said GetBett.  “He wouldn’t listen.  I’m a moron because of her incessant interference.”  Proven hedged per usual, honoring the number of people…  Then he got it, that the Witch was feeding on the blood from his head just as he produced it.  “I need to get her influence out.”  Experiat and the head handed the Witch water, that she drank.  Her tie popped out of Proven’s head, and he went to a rock to sit.  Experiat said to the Witch, “You need to live by a stream to clean out your system of meat and evil.”  Despite her usual pattern, the Witch said, “Alright, I’ll try it.”  Her body was so happy for the difference, it smiled for her.  It would be awake and alive jubilantly.  Experiat said, “The head and I will accompany you, and we will get to know each other.  How does that sound?”  “Alright,” said the Witch.

Experiat said, “Are you a natural to transcendent life form?”  “No, unnatural, going down,” the Witch said.  “Change it and you will feel better.  You are supposed to be controlled by Life, just as much as you expect to control it,” said Experiat.  “Alright, I agree to be a natural to transcendent life,” said the Witch.  Her soul and awareness opened up positively, and she saw that her decisions did not make sense.  All she could say was, “Weird.”

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