One In The Beginning, Part 13

“It is time to get up and leave,” said the head, who awoke with the breaking of dawn.  “I’m up,” said Experiat as it sprang to its feet.  Audit and Sensible were quiet but restless.  Experiat served everyone some water with algae and they felt better.  The light on the horizon added to the optimism.  Experiat said, “I know you both don’t want to see your parents, but you are family and you need to build those bonds.”  Audit and Sensible blurted out, “they aren’t family because they agreed to ally with their evil parent.”  “The Witch?” asked Experiat. They nodded. “They have nightly rituals to give all that is them to the Lord and Master.  We didn’t have a chance as children, even though they are in deep like.  We had to grow to 20 to outgrow the hell.  She ate us once and, as soul, we figured out how to grow up human,” said Sensible.  “We can survive as young beings in an old body, and grow up slow,” said Audit.  “Alright, let me rethink this,” said Experiat.  “I need to get to Proven and GetBett to find out what they know.  I think it is that way.  Are you both fine alone?”  “Yes, we outgrew her, and we are fine,” said Sensible and Audit.  “Turn that way to get there.  It will take about 2 days.”  “Alright, that way.  I want you both to have an upbringing.  If you want to consult me, I’ll be your guardian.  I don’t have kids, but I know a lot,” said Experiat.  “Deal!  We like you, and you freed us,” said Sensible and Audit.  “Okay, Hugs.”  They all hugged and separated.

“That way.”  To the head Experiat said, “I’ll race you to see who can grow a second head and second body…”  “I’ll keep the ball under my neck, thank you,” said the head.  “Next time I will create a more even split.  I think I will grow another head, like yours.” Experiat’s body lurched, “Ow, I hate this.”  To itself Experiat said, “I will be put together with two at the end of this.  Detach and embrace the result.”  To the head, “Let’s travel.  We did fine traveling.”  They gathered up speed hiking and rolling, and felt better.  The journey was dry and clear.  They were optimistic to be guardians.  And they knew if they planned right, they too would outgrow the Witch.

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