One In The Beginning, Part 12

Audit and Sensible made the day journey by following the light.  They wanted to help the Creator because it had rescued them, and was decent to all things.  The situation out front was starting to feel as closed and full of paranoia as the back space behind God, now Proven, had been.  That had helped – to put his authority down to size.  He had to prove himself.

Audit and Sensible finally saw Experiat the body, and its head.  The head said, “Hi.”  Experiat who had been in a deep sleep started to wake up.  “Hi, sorry I finally got to relax enough to rest and heal deep.  Did you just get here?”  “Yes,” said Sensible.  “You will need to grow another head.  Grow back..”  “Ow, I wasn’t ready for that now.  The Witch raked me out from the back,” said Experiat.  Sensible said, “Sorry, I didn’t grow back my head, and now I keep taking notes on Audit’s”  “Individuate first,” said Experiat.  “Individuated – Forget it!!” said Sensible.  “The Witch must be in between the electricity of body parts,” Experiat said.  “She can also be cannibalistic.  The great news is that the larger Life does not want to support her.  She is starting to have to pay for her crimes.”

“What do you need us to do?” Audit and Sensible asked.  Experiat thought and said, “We need your company and humor to help us.  I think we need your instincts to find the Witch.  Doesn’t she know Proven?”  “We really don’t want to find the Witch” “We really don’t.” “We grew up fast to not be eaten.  We are from Proven and GetBett.”  Experiat said, “I’m annoyed, why don’t your parents treat you affectionately?”  “She re-identified us as part from her.  We didn’t want to be that evil, so we asked Life to help.  It gave us some of your light to work with, and we then we were fine.” “We just have to be right about everything.”  Experiate said, “Then let’s go talk to Proven and GetBett to get this sorted.”  “That is better that meeting Her, but let’s not.  Our only constructive parent is God.”  Experiat said, “That is what I use.  We need to sort, and I need to know what your parents know about the Witch.”  Audit and Sensible were frustrated.  Experiat said, “Please don’t get keyed up about this.  It is the right order of things.”  Audit and Sensible still could not assent.  Experiat said to the head, “Let’s get some water.”  They manifested water with fresh algae.  It was envigorating and cleansing to all, the way nature always is.  They all went to set up camp to prepare for travel the next day.

…to be continued next week.

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