Advice for Kids of All Ages (2): CHECK

Many times we decide a really important element of our lives, and then forget to Check to see if that element works, or doesn’t work.  Checking can happen daily, weekly, monthly and/or yearly.  The times to check are many, but if you don’t have time or patience set aside for it, don’t.  Don’t argue with you.  When you check what is working and what is not, plan to fix the problems and continue forward.

Times to Check & Fix what isn’t working:
1. When you are stuck – you had an altercation, and you are confused as to what to do next.
2. You had a separate violent altercation, which is likely to build momentum in the future.
3.  Journaling at the end of the day.
4. To evaluate a really important, high-adrenaline, meeting.
5. At month-end to keep up finances and continuity.
6. Year-end and New Year’s beginning to get and keep motivated.
7. Weekly to change direction and evaluate success.

The pitfalls to avoid with this are a few.  You have to be honest with you, or your check and advice will be worthless.  Separately, don’t get over-indulgent with checking, because you need to experience life before you can evaluate it.  Before all things, be you and be decent.  Then follow the rules you sent for yourself.

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