One In The Beginning, Part 9

Experiat, the Creator, had just split from its smaller, but very promising, body double.  It had put itself in heart, and cut off its head.  The head had started to wake up.  They both decided to be quiet to subside the pain.  After about an hour, they started to itch with all the mending of the body matter.  Then they HAD to talk to not jump out of their skin.

The Creator said, “Can you talk?”  “A little,” said a voice from the head.  It tied its throat awareness to the jaw and eyes. “Ow.”  The Creator said, “Maybe I have to build a second face.  It put its consciousness above its neck and shoulders and looked.  “Air face,” and it laughed like a kid.  “You will want to figure out some form of mobility,  like legs.”  “I can put a ball at the bottom of my neck and roll around,” the head said.  It rolled around, and ‘accidentally’ clipped Experiat’s throat and heart.  “Get out!” Experiat said.  “Okay, I didn’t mean that, I think,” said the head.

The head then smiled a smile that said it was someone else, and went back to looking plain.  The Creator said, “Say Experiat, and tell what the name means.”  “Experiat is something you figured out.  I don’t know what it means,” the head said.  The Creator said, “How many wake-ups did you have?  There should have been one.”  The head said, “I have a body and a soul.  Part is from you, and part is from your body, but I can’t say.  Your part is benevolent.  The other part was assigned to create hell like God.”  Experiat asked, “Is there another being like me?”  “Sort of, AHHh, I can’t say,” it whispered.  “You are fine,” Experiat said.  “Okay,” said the head.  “Is the other soul inside me or outside?” said the Creator.  “I don’t know, AHhm..,” the head said.  “Is it in you?”  “No, far away…hits here, and far away,” said the head.  Experiat said, “I have to work on this.  Follow me.” Experiat beckoned and carried the head away in its arms.

…to be continued next week


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