One In The Beginning, Part 7


All were assembled in a clearing.  Each sat on a rock, that sat on the ground.  The ground was flat.

The Creator said, “I want to have an I am naming party.  I think we all deserve to have our own name.  It will help us to treat each other right.  Let’s start with God 2 and God 3.   What do you want to be called?”  God 1 interrupted and said, “I should get to go first, because I was first — unless you are?”  The Creator said, “I will think of a name, but I want the people who were abandoned to go first.  You owe them compensation, which we will determine later.”  The Creator served everyone some water, brought from the nearby stream.  Everyone drank the water, and started to relax.

“God 2 and God 3, what do you want to be called?”  God 2 said, “I could go by Fathead; he could go by Thinman, and we would both be settled.”  The Creator said, “Then I would be inclined to call you God 2 and God 3, just so I don’t demean you.” ” The names aren’t demeaning — we arent’ that great.”  “I think so,”  the Creator said. “You are both young, witty and magical.  See if you can think of a name which tells that.”  God 3 said, “I am the eyes behind God 1’s back.  Call me Sensible.”  God 2 said, “I can hear behind his back. Call me Audit.”  “Those names are fine, and very interesting,” the Creator said.

“Partner, what name would you like to go by?” the Creator asked.  The partner shrugged, “I could be called Trouble because that is what I like to get into.”  “No, I don’t want to affirm you have more power in that.”  “I’d call him Smug,” God 1 said.  “I would like to keep God or God 1 as my name.” “No, let’s try something that is more accurate, like Sonofabitch.”  They all laughed.  God 1 blushed, embarrassed.  The partner said, “I could go by GetBette for getting better.  It sounds like me.”  “Okay,” the Creator said.  God 1 said, “I could go by Provider.”  The Creator said, “How about Proven, which says you have major ambitions, but you still have to learn a lot.”  “Alright, Proven is not me, but I’ll take it.”

“I want to go by Creator mostly.  But, for an everyday practical name, I want more life experience and less teaching.  So that I remember what I want, I’ll go by Experiat,” said the Creator.

to be continued next week…

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