One In The Beginning, Part 11

Life made plans.  It wanted calm with the elements, intrigue with the brothers, and leadership with the Creator.  Proven and GetBett were fairly locked to themselves.  But most other things followed the eb and flow of nature, sensing its changes, while creating their own changes.  The Witch was not to be trusted, so Life cut her off from extra resources, while quietly going its way.

Experiat and the head had made it through two days since the separation.  They were alternately edgy and fine, but took care of each other so that they were recovered and bonded.  They both healed to a comfortable level, and travel was no problem.  Then the head started to feel faint, as if the blood was drained from it.  It said, “It is her.  She was distracted, but she needs life resources for some reason.”  Just then, a tie jumped from the head to the Creator and siphoned all the electrical and blood it could get in two seconds.  The Creator stumbled and sat down on a rock.  It said, “I wonder if I could get help?”  It put its hands and feet together and asked for Proven, Sensible and Audit to show up as it sent up a pale white light.  GetBett would be annoying right now.  Proven didn’t answer immediately, conflicted by another allegiance.  Sensible and Audit said yes, and that they would follow the direction of the light.  Experiat said to the head, “We’re fine.  Help will be here in about a day.  I need to rest to recover.  Could you please block the other person for a while?  I’ll fix the tie in a bit.”  Experiat fell fast asleep, so its body could use all the resources to recoup.  The head stayed near, quietly awake.

The Witch sensed the sleep and crowed, “Is she dead?  The Creator is dead.  That was easy.”  The head said, “She is not dead. Leave us alone.”  Then the Witch zinged the head, and the pain of no resources hit her back.  The head moved by the Creator, who quietly said, ” Why do you need life?”  The Witch said, ” Because Life cut me out.  Hey, I don’t need to tell…”  She closed the door in between.  Experiat went back to sleep and the head was able to quietly relax.

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