One In The Beginning, Part 10

The Witch was very excited.  It got another one of the Creator’s beings to let it in, and be in conflict with the Creator.  God was the first.  The Witch had a jaw and a dick, and planned to keep universal ownership of them until the end of time.  The Witch wanted to keep its identity secret from the Creator, but wanted to cackle and pontificate to all else who would hear.  The Witch called to God.  He said, “My name is now Proven.”  The Witch said, “Whatever, you are a God from me… I got her head.  I can cause it great pain from here.  Don’t tell.  This is going well.” “I won’t tell the Creator, but I am more accountable to It than you,” Proven said.

The witch was fond of running up from behind, and telling any Life its name and mission.  If that Life heard it, that Life would decide to not participate.  If that Life did not hear it, that Life would integrate the name and mission she assigned.  The name and mission got locked in without that Life’s knowing, and many times made its way into the larger Life consciousness.  GetBett was used to this chat, and GetBett’s strange personality reflected the result.  GetBett didn’t care, because it didn’t have anything important to do.  It did ask God once, “When are you going to tell the Creator that there are two?” “The two are even, and it’s not my business, or yours,” God said.  “I don’t think so,” the other said.

The Witch had one goal.  If it could sabotage the plans of the Creator, it would win all its holdings, and be the devil, or deviant.  The goal was so definitive, it should work.  The Witch as devil would rule Life.  LIFE had other plans.  It liked the Creator, the other beings, and the elements of land, stream, and air.  LIFE would make its own plans.

…to be continued next week

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