Puzzled (12): Linear Representations

Puzzled (12): Linear Representations
Linear Representations

These puzzles are about the associative properties of life and how we represent them.

The curves are about pace of life.  They are found in the shapes of human and animal bodies.  Curves and flow are also in everything that has water in it.  Flow is about the supply of life.

Curve questions:  What is your flow of life?  What is its pace and supply?  Are you interested to know about other life flows?

The zig-zag is about life’s electrical supply and hurdles.  Modern medicine can monitor your life stats in an organic zig-zag format.  Mountains represent almost insurmountable objects, that test your endurance and stamina.

Zig-zag questions:  Do you challenge your life supply to make it stronger?  What would be a challenge you should adopt?

The blocks are about the structures we fill our world with.  Many man-made structures make you feel dynamic as a human, but at a loss for nature.  The blocks talk about having a structure to live in and a place to park your car.

Block questions:  Is your stability based more on man-made structures or organic nature?  Do you need to adopt more of the other?  What about man-made is important?  What about nature is important?

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