One In The Beginning, Part 8


The Creator, now named Experiat, was looking for its merry band of Gods.  Then it saw Proven get out of Sensible’s person and wave.  Sensible was dehydrated and ready to pass out.  Experiat put some water and light in a bowl, went over to Sensible, and handed him the bowl to drink.  Sensible recovered slowly.

Experiat, the Creator, pushed Proven forward.  “Did you ask Sensible if he wanted to travel with you?”  Both said, “No.”  “You are both equal but different,” Experiat said.  Proven said, “But I am the first, and the strongest.”  Sensible said, “I am later… smarter, but smaller.”

The Creator said, “There are at least two kinds of right.  There is an objective power that says we all have infinite potential, and we all need to treat each other as equals.”  Proven frowned.  “Then there is the infinity we have worked for, or destiny we have fulfilled, that says this is the epic quality we each have.  Proven is strong and first, but his lack of humaneness and balance woke up Sensible, who is strategically caring and life-affirming.  Proven was valuable, and then not valuable.  Sensible woke up valuable.  Know your worth…   Proven you are less valuable than you think.  Sensible, you and Audit are more valuable than you think.  GetBett has to be put on our, or my, value system because Proven values him for his faults.  “I won’t promote negative behavior.  I think I am really positive, and I want compensation to be wrong,”  Proven said.  “Stop being the best or the worst.  Be average.  Just be who you are,” Experiat said.  “Okay,” Proven said.

All is well that ends well, until the next time.

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