One In The Beginning, Part 6


The Creator told God and his partner to sit and pay attention.  They did.  God 2 and God 3 had followed.  The Creator said, “What dictates right from wrong?”  God 2 and God 3 shrugged.  The partner said quietly, “It is what I can get away with.”  God said, “It is what I think it is.”  The Creator said, “Not quite.  There is an ideal right based on what works for everyone, and everything, from now into the future.  Sometimes the ideal right is bigger than everyone involved.  Sometimes the individual’s and/or nature’s needs outsweep the ideal right.”

God 3 said, “What if I hit 2 on the head, who is right?”  The Creator said, “It depends on if he is angry, hurt or fine.  Your intention to hurt or have fun matters.  God 2’s receiving pain or fun decides it.”  God 2 said, “I might throw a fit to get 3 in trouble.”  The Creator said, “That puts you in the wrong, some.  When you stack up contrived situations and reactions, you start to lose traction with the truth.  You don’t know it in yourself, and the truth doesn’t care if it finds you.”

“Pespective is what matters,” the Creator said.  “You have to get out of yourself  to learn what others think, and what the outside factors are.  Internally you have to get to all parts of you to assess what is true for you.”

“What parts do you and your partner stay away from?” said the Creator to God.  God said, ” I stay away from heart.”  The partner said, “I stay away from mind.”  The Creator said, “For both of you, your initiative and reactions are lacking integrity and caring.  Your are both retarding yourselves by not developing your hearts and minds.”  “We will work on it,” God and his partner said.

to be continued next week…

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