One In The Beginning, Part 5


The Creator said, “Sit.”  God 1 and his partner sat.  The Creator said, “Stand up, turn around, and bow.”  They both did.  “How is Life meant to be treated?” the Creator asked.  “With decency and care,” said God 1.  “Life is meant to be at your beck and call,” said the partner.  “Yes, then no!  Life is meant to be valued – not trapped – and taught how to grow right,” said the Creator.  “Life is meant to be valued,” said the partner, and its thinking shifted positively.

The Creator was mad and terse, because it lived alone, and didn’t want to live with two people it had grown to dislike.  But leadership knows no bounds, and the result needed – conscience of right authority, ethics, and morals – dictated what had to be done.  Time spent with God and his partner, meant they knew they were accountable and checked.  The Creator had started training God and his partner to be obedient.  Their ethics and morals were still self-centered, and would require dedicated time to change.

God 2 and God 3 turned out to be fun and annoying.  They were both brilliant and nuckleheads at the same time.  They were happy to be free.  They no longer had to put up with the consequences of God 1’s decisions, and were quite grateful to be autonomous.

to be continued next week…

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