One In The Beginning, Part 4


The Creator was always interested in knowing new things.  It thought, that if there was a second creator, it could learn about dangerous things without ruining the universe’s main support.   Technically if it split itself in half vertically, in time it could grow back into two adventurous beings.  Unbeknownst to the Creator, God got the wrong message, and thought it knew just how to split the Creator.  So, God waited for an opportune moment and split the Creator between the crown and eyes.  “OW!  THIS IS PAINFUL!”  Everything that was anything jumped.  God showed up befuddled and said, “But you said you wanted to be split.”  The Creator angrily said, “I was making my own plans.  If I do it, it will fit me.  If you do it, it will NOT!  You are my brother.  Don’t interfere with the things I plan, unless I ask.”  “Okay.  I’m sorry,” God said. The Creator put its crown back on, healed out the break, and left its true plans for another day.

“Are you still duality-based?” the Creator asked God. ” Yes, I guess.”  “Every action you take has a positive side, and an extremely negative side.  Get the negative out, or your actions will mean nothing.  I am Life-based, so that everything I do is for the best of everything.  Practice creating UP, where you are unanimously positive.  The results will be positive.  Do you keep a connection to the larger truth?”  “No, I check in,” God said.   “Keep a line to the truth at all times.  That will keep you sane and living in reality,” the Creator said.

God sent his line to truth and got the message that he was not the only God.  He had shut the door on his dissenting partners, and they were waiting on a half-life side.  God hung his head, embarrased in shame, because he wasn’t getting anything right at this point.  “I’m sorry, I will make sure they are fine.” “NO! I will talk to them,” the Creator said.  When the truth door opened there were 2 brothers (God 2 & 3), with curly dark hair, cleanly split apart at the crown, because they had to pay for all the problems God 1 got into.  “Nice to know you,” they said in unison.

to be continued next week…

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