One In the Beginning, Part I

There was One in the beginning, and It was all things yet to be created.  The One was bright, new and self-determinant.  The One thought, ‘There is more than enough to keep me busy.  I’ll exist forever to pursue life.  My life will be exciting.’

The One was its own, unabashed and jubilant.  The One wanted To Think and To Know.  ‘What is wisdom and power itself?,’ It thought.  ‘What kind of power is wise?’  The One chose BALANCE, because it always told you where you are.  If you are too intense or indulgent, it tells you by sending complementary imbalance, so that you can correct your behavior.  If you take care of all things in the right order, BALANCE grows with you.

The One loved thinking, order, and experiencing the consequences of new things.  The One almost died once, but it made sure It reincarnated back.  It was happy, It now knew how to get to Life, Death and back again.  The pain and annoyance of growing back was about what It expected, and It had no one else dependent on It, so overall there was no problem.  The One was a little more sober and thought, ‘I won’t die again soon for simple things!’

The One made a creation in commemoration of the Divine Order and Balance It loved.  It created a ceiling of white light overhead called God.  God was to keep the place bright, and in right order.  If help was needed, God could pitch in.  God asked the One if It was a God too, and the One said, “No, I am the First Creator.  I am an expert at information about Life, Wisdom, and Order.  I created you to be a lookout for the things we can’t see.  You will know some very important things, but you will need to refer to me and Life itself to know what you need to know.”

to be continued next week.

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