One In The Beginning, Part 3

The Creator was fascinated with how to get information that was not known.  The Creator set itself up with ‘to know’ and ‘to learn,’  but its favorite was ‘that I know what I don’t know, but need to  know.’  That meant that Infinity and Nature told the Creator some of what they knew.  Infinity and Nature would also get help with their complex problems.  They had to accomodate hell because God said.  The first Creator said it only wanted to support a learning hell, not an infinite one.  Infinite resources needed to go to support Life, and heaven.

The Creator went to God and said, “Why do you keep disobeying me?  I don’t want to support hell.”  God said, Heaven and hell are both the same, and my partner likes to create things from hell to cause problems.” “Not an option!” the Creator said.  “What facilitates the NATURAL quality of Life is important.  Life and death are cyclical.  You and your partner are treating complex Life like toys.  You can create objective vehicles to run around in.  See the anxiety and pain in the legs of this guy?  He is not happy.  Life is meant to have rules, and eventually grow up to be mini creators or gods.  Don’t make beings that have no future.  That is cruel.  That is also a bad investment for Life.  All things living support each other.”  God said, “Okay, we will make vehicles to ride around in.  He can grow whole.”  Magically the small guy’s legs and arms started to grow in, so he could walk comfortably.  The Creator said definitively to God, “You and your partner can not meet your power, unless you are in right BALANCE.”  God and his partner were permanently altered to only use their power for decency.

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