One In The Beginning, Part 2


The Creator put its light in a white light ring that, had a break in it.  Through the break, it could sense the state of all things outside.  The Creator called itself a Sage – one who senses, thinks, and defines the nature of all things.  The dialog with nature was always interesting.

Meanwhile, the new God set up space and said, “I will sense too much if I listen to nature.  I need to watch as a lookout.  I will put my white light in a verticle bar, consult to the top, and tell what you need to know.  Just ask.”  The Creator said, “Great.”

God said, “Do you have any requirements or advice about how I should live?”  The Creator said, “You will be on your own a lot, because I am used to living alone.  Let’s see, your BALANCE will be to experience like you are acting.”  The God agreed.

Long term, God’s BALANCE worked out well.  God had a companion who was bratty.  When they were nice, they lived like royalty in heaven.  When they were scummy, they lived in a swamp and a corrugated metal shack in hell.  They got the message.  Their children preferred heaven.

to be continued next week…

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