Thresholding (5): Structures

Thresholding is a consistent way of acting, or an activity, that builds a recognizable structure.  Those structures represent discipline, strength, perseverance, identity and immutability.  Below are examples of threshold structures:

1) Alan invested in a college education to be a writer.  He specialized in both fiction writing, which he had loved since childhood, and standard reporting.  In his mind is information on how to be a formal fiction author, which includes: finding a publisher, running drafts, negotiating contracts, speaking for book signings, and managing revenue.  On his reporter side, Alan knows timing, style, syndicate rules, and how to negotiate pay for valuable articles.  Alan knows the structure of being both a fiction writer, and a reporter.

2) Credit Unions were developed in Germany in the 1860’s to be community banks (reference:  They are organized so that the money doesn’t go anywhere, because the many poorer account-holders vigilantly check on their accounts, and their neighbor’s loans.  This was a successful alternative to high-end investment banking.  The threshold is community accessibility and responsibility, while the structure is a general Credit Union.

3) The computer and communicatons industries are known for technology structures that denote societal trends.  Mainframe computers crunched the data of large companies.  Desktop computers made computing for individuals and companies a network of addition and subtraction.  Wireless technology made coffeehouses intense and popular places to compute.  IPhones replaced train naps with a logical, moral, musical compass.  Each innovative structure gave society more options for relating or not relating.

4) The cities of New York and Chicago are built up with nice skylines, to epitomize the epic standard and resources of white collar business.  The schedule is business – break – business – home.  Next day, repeat schedule.  In this way,  people build stamina to work, enjoy their fime off, and cope with serious matters.  The threshold structures of architecture and schedule are impressive, industrious and legitimate.

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