Thresholding (2): Patterns

Thresholding is the consistency of behavior that builds our individual frequency inside, and our social frequency outside.  For example: 1) Ethan is a minister, who is a quiet and whimsical academic; 2) Lucy is a waitress and part-time actress, who enjoys friends and old-fashioned movies.  Ethan’s frequency inside is practical esoteric; ouside his frequency is concern and advice for others.  Lucy’s frequency inside is restlessness; outside her frequency is active expression.  Ethan’s threshold is thoughtful.  Lucy’s threshold is effervescent.  Thresholds are based on patterns of heredity, action, thought, and biology.  Below are various threshold patterns that build our character as individuals.

Some thresholds are based on our regular routines.  We go shopping at a certain combination of stores to get everything we need. It has an order and a positive result.  When we clean house, we select a certain order of dusting, vacuuming, mopping that makes it convenient and palatable to us.

Pyramids or Weaves
Other thresholds are part of a work-in-progress.  If we picked to be Bold or Gutsy, everything we do will have Bold or Gutsy associated with it.

Getting to the Impossible
Some thresholds are pinnacles of the near-impossible, that we set as our goal to attain.  Example: we want to be a marathon runner, company president or a great teacher.  All of our time is consumed with activities that will make our goal a reality.

Facilitating Others
Being a parent, friend, investor, or an employer is a threshold of facilitating other people’s success.  Its rewards are based on successful leadership, growth and interaction with others.

Self Discovery
People set time aside to expand themselves by improving health regimens, creating new things, and signing up for classes.  They threshold greater balance and vitality.

Family Commitments
Family connections threshold caring and security.  Bonds of affection and solidarity are built by scheduling visits with relatives, taking time to talk to children, and attending events as a family.

Religious and Esoteric Studies
To threshold truth or the mystery of life, one needs to take time to meditate, attend church, and read information from teachers and mystics.

Discipline thresholds can be strengthened by building greater longevity, physical stamina, mental concentration and relaxation.

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