Thresholding (1): Definition

Thresholding is a consistency of living where we reap the rewards of self and social development.  Those rewards show up as that threshold or one comparable.

Example:  If a person said they want to be CARING, he/she might volunteer at a homeless shelter, keep his/her house clean, and make time to talk to his/her kid.
> His/Her direct reward would be: to learn gratitude and commitment, have a beautiful place, and to save his/her kid from drugs.
> His/Her indirect reward is a spouse that so loves a clean house and well-behaved kids, that she/he takes everyone out for dinner once a week, to CARE back.
*Note: the original person’s focus is on CARING, not the rewards.  Focusing on the rewards will lose them.
**Summation: The threshold of CARING is what this person created directly and indirectly.

Thresholds are various and endless.  You can pick thresholds from the following categories or add your own:

> Psyche Thresholds: receptivity to information, childhood impressioning, learning, networking with others
> Mind Thresholds: control, contemplation, logic, expression, self-image, place to retreat
> Body Thresholds: strength, flexibility, toned, healthy, disciplined
> Soul Thresholds: self-esteem, career success, social fit, accomplishments
> Awareness Thresholds: self-aware, socially aware, in tune with nature, transcendently aware
> Transcendent Thresholds: breaking barriers, pushing limits, expert control, braving the unknown

Thresholding is about picking a challenge that is positive for yourself and your social community.  The challenge needs to be: 1) obtainable; 2) something you can get excited about; and 3) something you would be proud to fulfill.

Example: If you are a person that is quiet and mild-mannered, learning to go to punk rock night clubs (that leave your head throbbing and you in search of your sanity) would not be a positive threshold.  Contrastingly, enrolling in ballroom dancing would give you a social life, and a little more finesse in your interactions.

Pick a threshold that is 100% positive and you will reap rewards.  If you don’t mean for the threshold to be positive, it won’t have ANY positive value.  Pick something small or large that you can stand behind, to reach a positive result.

1) Pick a trait or threshold you would like to accomplish.
2) List activities to make that threshold prevalent in your life
3) Set up a schedule
4) DO – follow your schedule
5) After 1-2 months, check to see what the results and rewards were

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