Sperm and Egg Stories (7)

Sperm and Egg Stories (7)

The entrepreneurial sperm walked in the cave of the creator and said tentatively, “Is anyone here?”

The old wise womb woke up and said, “I am.  What do you want?  You are not my type.”

“I am a decent brat from a very unreliable source.  I built my legs and I just need a companion to get me through.”

“Through what?” said the womb.

“Life.  You looked dangerous and different.  There aren’t many lifelines because Devil’s Way tried to eliminate them.”

“Oh alright.  I have orders from here to Africa for partners,” said the womb.  “It takes time.  You will be on a waiting list for about 5 years.  Don’t forget.  What is your name?”

“Liz.  Can he be tall?” said the sperm.

“No, he’ll be what he is,” said the womb.  “Run along.”

The sperm said, “I wonder how you know when it is ready?  Will he know how to find me?”

The womb retorted, “I will call you with news that your egg is ready, Liz.  Since it is outside of my regular affairs, it takes time.  Don’t be impatient or it won’t go right.”

Liz said, “I want a guy that turns into a man.”

“I will see what I can do.  You can set up the gender, but partly it is up to them.  They have to want to grow up.  They have to be cared for, but want to take initiative.  Harsh living helps,” the womb said.

Liz walked away.  She said, “I need a habit in the meantime.  Maybe I’ll learn to sing:  My baby’s dead…

Just then the old womb thought, “I didn’t like her much.  I’ll make her a lemon of a partner.”

(Warning:  The historians of life have determined that de-evolution has reached dangerous levels.  The ill will you have right now could be someone else’s nightmare.  Most people vouch that they don’t know what they knew yesterday, and they don’t know if tomorrow will be better than today.  As a preventative measure, be, think and talk positively.  Be kind to your neighbors.  Find out what you think before you speak.  Ask your neighbors what they think.  Look to the future.  Plan for the future of all things, as well as yourself.)


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