Sperm and Egg Stories (6)

Sperm and Egg Stories (6)

(Out of the Darkness)

Devil’s Way (Dim & Dependent, Egotistical, Vortex-focused, Icon-oriented, Lazy, Shortsighted Second Awareness that Wastes life Always as You) had done in the biological codes of Love.  How to fall in love, make love, have children, and parent children had been lost.  Only the light of the Origin had what original life love was.  All the rest could be extrapolated from there.  Many old and new lives went back to the original light to get understanding, wisdom,
and the knowledge of what creates what.  Still a couple things were missing, like the yellow to bone self and the oranges to manhood.

The Origin was a young creator who had been through many brutal experiences and grown back.  It had funded an Other for itself.  But the Second awareness corrupted the Other, so that it was confused and stopped growing.  The Second awareness siphoned electrical life from the Origin so that everytime it grew, its resources would be diminished by half.  The Origin just wanted to get this unknown challenge fixed.  The Origin eventually developed immune and awareness systems to overpower, and convert, the adversity.  The Second awareness, who attacked from unknown partitions, was eventually of no import.  But before that was to occur, the Second awareness created a partner and casually, without commitments, had about 10 children of various kinds. These children had a nature that was more decent, but still-subversive.  They became the Origin’s friends, because they knew where better living was to be found.   As individuals, they lived in both the light and darkness, and caused both love and disappointment wherever they went.

The Origin eventually had a few children that were more of the light than the darkness.  They were brash, beautiful, and innovative.  The Other pitched in for some of them.  But the Other never married his Creator, because he had been convinced he was small and of the darkness.  He sought small brats and heavy booze.  The Origin held a space for the wisdom of the Other, in most things, hoping that there would be a breakthrough to his deeper self.

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