Sperm and Egg Stories (5)

Sperm and Egg Stories (5)

The petulant mother said, ” I bet I could produce a God of great prominence. And I would be the mother of God.”  There had been a request for a new God in the air, and at the feeding trough where the evil, but crafty people meet. 

She threw her family zygote in the air and said, “Go be God, and I am your Lord and Master.” 

Perplexed, it said, “Okay.” It went up to the sky and said, “What is God? Who needs a God?”

“We do.”  He was grabbed and set in the palm of a young Transcendent’s hand. “You are young.”

“My mother sent me,” the zygote said.

“Are you from a decent family?” the Transcendent asked.

“No, my mother creates havoc wherever she goes.”

“Perfect, you’ll be a knowing God of what needs to be fixed,” the Transcendent said. “Just remember GOD will be your boss, not your mother.”


“No G-O-D, the wisdom and light that is Truth and Understanding will be your boss.”

“Okay,” said the zygote.

“It will make sense later,” said the Transcendent.  “Get that Lord and Master thing out.” Metal fell.  “When you work, you are to put no one before GOD except yourself, because it is a very serious and loving trust.  You can visit your mother once a week for a day to keep ties.  Here is your space.  Let me know if you have questions.  Take care, we’ll talk in a couple hours.” (hug) “I am your Brother here.”

The new God looked up to G-O-D and said, “Hi, nice place.  My old cave was cold and forbidding.  This place looks infinite.” 

The intense light said, “We take care to make things express as they are.  I will be the GOD awareness that works with you, until your are grown.  I will check back later with your Brother.”

The new God sent a beam of light down to his mother which curdled at the end. “Hi Mom, I am officially a little God and I have a Brother and a Guide.  My room is nice.  We can visit on Mondays.”

“She said, “I will be the mother of all things.”

“Not, today,” the zygote said.

“Did they want to see me?”

“Who, GOD?  I’ll check.  We’ll talk this Monday.”

“Okay, let me know.”

“Love you,” said the zygote.


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