Puzzled (10): Affirmation

Affirmation is a way to coach yourself to a better frame of mind and a positive outlook, despite fears, doubts and conflicts.  The more you use affirmation, the more you build ideal confidence, and the capability to act from the ideal.  Affirmations are made in the present tense to build up a more constructive subliminal environment in yourself.  Following are a few ways to utilize affirmation:

Exercise 1:  Consider a recent situation that you are challenged by.  Create a one-sentence affirmation to dispel your fears and bring success. 
Example:  “I am composed and meeting all my goals.”   Write your affirmation and store it in your mind.  When you are bored, repeat the affirmation in thought.  Allow yourself to be happy that it is true.

Exercise 2:  Consider an old unresolved conflict that is a barrier.  You have never been quite brave enough to do what you should, and it makes you feel like a child when you think about it.  What would be the brave action to resolve it?  Perhaps you need to write a letter of apology.  Maybe you need to make a phone call, and admit something you blamed someone else for.  DO IT!  You need to free yourself up to be an adult.  Write this affirmation of preparation and conclusion 50 times:  I will face all of my obligations with courage and strength, and keep courage and strength in my life.

Exercise 3:  Select a theme song you like. Replay it when you feel out of sorts.

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