Americana to Live by: The American Flag

Americana to Live by: The American Flag

ANALYSIS:  This series looks at the most recognizable American sayings and symbols, and analyzes their importance.

REPRESENTATION:  The American Flag represents freedom and democracy.  The stripes are the 13 original colonies. The stars represent the number of states in the union.

COLORS:  “White” is the color of infinity, the color from which all other colors originate. “Old Glory Red” is the red of independence, and autonomy. “Old Glory Blue” is the blue of communication and truth in logistical details.

WORTH:   There are specific instructions for displaying, handling and folding the United States flag, to show just acknowledgement of its importance.  It signifies our identity as a nation and is not to be taken lightly.  The flag represents how Americans view themselves – functional for everyday, yet proud and idealistic to fulfill a future that they saw possible in the beginning.

STRENGTH:  Americans, adopted the old saying “United we stand, divided we fall” from Aesop‘s fable, The Four Oxen and the Lion (  The U.S. flag represents this democratic ideal, which is the power of negotiation and truth, consent and dissent, as well as the vote of every American citizen.

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